Calendar of Events – Women’s Ministry

Leadership Retreat

Date: January 18 – 19
Location: Church

Women’s Retreat

Date: April 12 – 14
Location: Luther Park
Speakers: Niam Xf. Num Nyaj, Niam Xf. Greg, and Niam Fwm Pov

Valentine’s Day

Mother’s Day

Date: May 12
Location: Church

During church service, we will honor the Mother of the Year

Visit two Women’s Ministry Groups

Cov Niam Tsev – St. Paul, MN
Cov Niam Tsev – Wausau, WI

We will also visit two local churches

Church of Christ
One in Christ

Worship & Prayer Night

Date: TBA


Home Visits: Visit pet cov Niam Tsev


How do we want to structure the teaching for our ladies?
– Biblical based
– Application

We will begin the year with teachings related to the theme
– More Light
– More Hope
– More Healing
– More Victories
– More Love

Long Term Goal

Thailand Missions Trip 2020 for Yexus Fest